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Dual Line MMOD™

The Dual Line MMOD™ - with a dual line hose- is to be used when the targeted active ingredients are combined on-demand for spot spraying ,with a second trigger position for the active ingredient. The Dual Line MMOD™ is ideal for a lawn care or other pest environment where the entire property is being treated with one solution (example: fertilizer) and a second solution is needed for only certain parts of the property (example: pesticide).

Spot treating utilizing the Dual Line MMOD™, rather than by mixing the second solution into the main tank, ensures an accurate application rate, saves substantial chemical costs and also eliminates overuse of chemicals. Spot treating on-demand also improves efficiency by up to 30% over current backpack treatment methods commonly employed for the second solution.

Modular Mix on Demand

MMOD™ Highlighted Features

•Flow rate accurate to ±3%

Constant visual verification unlike Doestron or first-generation injection system

• Ability to accurately set flow rates with visual monitoring

Reduces capital costs and expenses

• Selective ratios for each active ingredient with customization of flow ratios

Continuous agitation/recirculation of active ingredient

Customizable and easy to install

Reliability and Warranty