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Single Line MMOD™

The Single Line MMOD™ provides Modular-Mix-on-Demand™ for one, two or three active chemicals into water from a water only tank or city water source. Any combination of the active ingredients can be mixed from their concentrated form –meaning that there is no need for an additional tank or a pre-mix– into the stream of water on-demand, all with constant visual verification. The Single Line MMOD™ is ideal for lawn and pest applications as well as factory floor mixing and eliminates the need for batch mixing into holding tanks and transporting large amounts of mixed chemicals which can spill and need to be disposed of when not used.

Modular Mix on Demand

MMOD™ Highlighted Features

•Flow rate accurate to ±3%

Constant visual verification unlike Doestron or first-generation injection system

• Ability to accurately set flow rates with visual monitoring

Reduces capital costs and expenses

• Selective ratios for each active ingredient with customization of flow ratios

Continuous agitation/recirculation of active ingredient

Customizable and easy to install

Reliability and Warranty