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MMOD™ - Mix on Demand

The Gate MMOD™ is a Modular Mix on Demand System™, protected by issued and pending global patents, that allows for multiple active ingredients to mix “on-demand” from concentrate, providing an accurate application with constant visual confirmation. Use of the Gate MMOD™ leads to improved safety and stewardship, accountability, efficacy in chemical use and substantial cost and capital savings as chemicals are mixed on-demand from concentrate rather than being premixed, transported and then stored in their diluted form. Application rate accuracy and verification are becoming critical as EU, state and federal regulators are tightening controls on all types of chemical applications, especially by pest control operators... more information.

MMOD™ Systems

Dual Line MMOD™

The Dual Line MMOD™ - with a dual line hose- is to be used when the targeted active ingredients are combined on-demand...

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Single Line MMOD™

The Single Line MMOD™ provides Modular-Mix-on-Demand™ for one, two or three active chemicals into water from a water...

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Mini MMOD™

The Mini MMOD™ is designed for use on ride-on equipment, ATVs and small tractor sprayers. The Mini MMOD™ is ideal for...

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The Gate MMOD™ is different from past efforts with “injection” for a plethora of reasons. The Gate MMOD™ requires no adjustment and no bucket check. Instead, the Gate MMOD™ provides a constant visual verification of application rate unlike a Doser or first-generation injection system which needs to be checked and readjusted for pump pressure variations, downstream variables, etc. The Gate MMOD™ provides a wide range of flow rates for active and total flow, and is able to handle up to 300 PSI (as compared to competing systems with a 80PSI maximum). The Gate MMOD™ comes with a full replacement warranty with expedited delivery of replacement unit.

Modular Mix on Demand

MMOD™ Highlighted Features

•Flow rate accurate to ±3%

Constant visual verification unlike Doestron or first-generation injection system

• Ability to accurately set flow rates with visual monitoring

Reduces capital costs and expenses

• Selective ratios for each active ingredient with customization of flow ratios

Continuous agitation/recirculation of active ingredient

Customizable and easy to install

Reliability and Warranty