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Precise Flow Control and Mixing / Water and Energy Conservation for Appliances

The CFValve™ provides precise pressure and flow control for fluids (liquid and gas) and is ideal for a simple, durable and economical solution to water control for dishwashers, ice makers, washing machines and other water based appliances.

The CFValve™ will allow for accurate fill and mixing regardless of city water pressure or varying pressure for hot and cold water. Furthermore, because of the constant flow provided, the Gate CFValve™ ensures no overfill or underfill and allows White Goods manufacturers an economical and reliable method of meeting Energy Star requirements.

Accurate and Constant Flow Rate Regardless of Water Pressure

City water pressure can vary dramatically from location to location, time of day or even, within a building (floor to floor). With varying input, water pressure flow rates will vary creating inaccurate flow rates and fill times requiring electronic and/or other expensive methods for flow control and fill. The addition of a Gate CFValve™, as an alternative, will provide a new level of accuracy, regardless of water pressure.

Accurate Mix Rate for Hot and Cold Water Regardless of Pressure From Source(s)

The addition of a Gate CFValve™ to the design of a dishwasher or washing machine will allow for a constant mix rate for hot and cold water every time. Additionally, depending on the design of the system, the CFValve™ technology will allow for an automatic, downward adjustment of the cold input as the hot water is increased, thereby maintaining the proper target overall flow/fill rate when warm or hot water is being utilized. This will help with water and energy conservation, and ensure correct operational settings, regardless of variations in water pressure.

No Overfill / No Underfill

Utilizing the constant flow provided by the Gate CFValve™, in conjunction with a simple solenoid for timing, can optimize the fill every time, meaning that this is no overfill or underfill.