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Industrial Cleaning

Simple and Reliable Application Control

The Gate CFValve™ will make existing spray and application equipment work more effectively, giving operators control over the spray pattern and application rate of cleaning supplies and cleaning treatments. Whether utilizing a Manual Compression Sprayer or a pump driven system, the CFValve™ will ensure that regardless of the pressure in the spray tank or the cycling of the pump a constant flow rate and appropriate spray pattern is achieved throughout the cleaning and/or application process.

Special Features:
· Reduction of chemical waste up to 24%
· Eliminates Over/Under spray
· Fixes ideal spray pattern
· Accurate application every time

Mixing-on-Demand from Concentrate

Rather than carrying tanks of pre-diluted cleaning solutions or delivering drums of various cleaning fluids to industrial customers, the Gate Modular Mix-on-Demand™ Technology allows for cleaning solutions to be mixed on demand, from original concentrate form into water, as the solution is being applied. Furthermore, the MMOD™ System allows for various modules so that any combination of several ingredients can be mixed on-demand at the appropriate ratios and required overall rate. Gate customers stand to save on fuel costs (transport concentrate rather than mixed product), chemical usage (no waste, accurate mixing, no disposal of unused diluted solutions) and capital costs (smaller fleet for transporting, eliminates need for warehouse batch mixing systems).

Special Features:
· Eliminates batch mixing, transportation of diluted solutions
· Allows custom application of various solutions individually or in combination
· Reduces Costs, Chemical Use and Capital Costs
· Reduces Customer/Site storage requirements and shipping costs