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Lawn Pest Control

Gate’s CFValve™ and Modular-Mix-on-Demand™ (MMOD™) system provide lawn and pest control professionals with improved productivity, safety and efficacy.

Cost Savings, Capital Savings & Increased Revenues

The Gate MMOD™ technology, protected by issued and pending global patents, provides for accurate “on-demand” mixing of chemicals from concentrate for lawn, pest and termite trucks.

• Flow rates can be set accurately (±3% with constant visual verification)
• Operators can customize both the flow rates for active ingredients and the overall application rate
Low AMP draw of only 3-7 amps
• Continuous agitation/recirculation of active ingredient
Ease of installation

No premixing and batch mixing means no costly and dangerous disposal of unused mixed chemicals. Additionally, the metering and accuracy of the CFValve™ technology, combined with the MMOD™ system, ensures that both the parent company and the operator can guarantee that an accurate mix is applied every time. Furthermore, the Gate MMOD™ System allows operators to document exactly which and how much chemical was used during each application process.

Accurate Spraying With The CFValve™

When manual spraying is required for special jobs, knapsack/compression spraying, the CFValve™ utilized will ensure accurate and effective applications even in a manual setting.