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The Gate CFValve™ precision controls the application of conformal coating and can be used to replace expensive digital and/or electronic controls.

For example, the Gate CFValve™ may be used with nozzles, capacity size from 0050 to 10, and capacity size 0033 to 06 and smaller capacity nozzles (0.25 to 4.0) can be easily adapted to different nozzles.

CFValve™ Other Applications

· Chemical Manufacturing
· Coating
· Cooling
· Cooling Conveyor Belts
· Degreasing and Rinsing
· Disinfecting
· Film Washing
· Foam Knockdown

· Gluing
· Lubricating
· Metal Finishing
· Parts Washing
· Sealing Circuit Boards
· Spray Agitation
· Spraying Eliminator Plates
· Water Curtain

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Coating Finishes With Valve

This examples shows the Gate CFValve™ used for controlled spraying to strengthen and smooth over the can seam. Note that two different Gate CFValves™ are used at the tank outlet.