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Recent Testimonials

"The Gate CFValve™ is integral to knapsack and mechanized spraying for agriculture and vector control. The CFValve™ is unique in that it provides an extraordinarily accurate flow rate and is simple and durable for use in tough conditions on farms all over the world. DuPont testing has confirmed that the accuracy provided by the CFValve™ is unparalleled, at its price and durability, providing ± 1.5% in field studies."

Ray Kaczmarczyk, Application Technology, E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company


"At Marquette we are developing a Human Powered Nebulizer which will bring much needed health care to regions with unreliable or no power. The CFValve™ has been integral to our designs since the beginning. The mission of the HPN project is life and breath for the world's poorest communities and the Gate CFValve™ help us achieve that mission. "

Lars Olson, Director of the Human Powered Nebulizer Project, Marquette University


"The Gate CFValve™ has enabled more effective vector control by ensuring an accurate application rate irrespective of the compression sprayer tank pressure. Indoor residual spraying as recommended by World Health Organization is saving lives wherever there is malaria and especially in Africa. Our studies at the International Pesticide Application Research Centre, Imperial College in England have shown that knapsack sprayers utilizing the CFValve™ have dramatically improved swath and spray pattern consistency as well as savings of up to 24% in chemical use over knapsacks without the flow control provided by the CFValve™. In one day of spraying with a CFValve™, the cost savings in pesticide will more than cover the cost of the CFValve."

Graham Matthews, Emeritus Professor of Pest Management & Author, Imperial College, UK


"For over 10 years RB Spray Tech has been including the CFValve™ (Better known as the Calibrator) with our knapsack and tractor spraying equipment throughout Southeast Asia. The CFValve™, combined with our high quality sprayers and specialized nozzles, provides farmers and plantations with confidence that the chemicals they are using are applied correctly every time. By eliminating over and underuse, our customers benefit in savings such as minimal wastage of pesticides reduced spray drift that may cause potential harm to the crop as well as the spray operator. Further savings are obtained by cleverly using the CFValve™ with specialized nozzles to apply very low volume spraying thus reducing the requirement of water and labour drastically. The combined savings can save the big plantation companies as much as USD3000.00 per spray operator per year."

L Nathan, Managing Director RB Fields


"A good application is a must for achieving the best results, since the best product is only as good as the application. For many years Syngenta Crop Protection have utilised the CFValve, by demonstrating to farmers and growers around the world the benefits of this essential tool in helping them to achieve a more consistent application. The CFValve allow the farmer to maintain a constant pressure which in turn helps keep flow rate, droplet size and swath widths uniform, all of which can influence the quality of the application and therefore the performance of the product. "

Graham Sanderson, Application Specialist, Syngenta Crop Protection, Basel